Yelverton Cinema 10th Anniversary Celebrations


It is hard to believe that it is now over 10 years since Yelverton Cinema had its first screening with ‘Atonement’. The high standard of equipment set up in St Paul’s Church Hall was all made possible by a generous legacy to Yelvercare.

We started in a conventional way, but after a few years we realised the attraction of setting the cinema out in café style, and Yelverton Café Cinema was born. This makes us a cinema with a difference and is hugely popular with groups of family and friends bringing picnics and a bottle or two to enjoy ahead of the film.

The children’s cinema is also well established and more recently we added another variation with alt. cinema showing non-mainstream films, which attract many film buffs.

The 16th November 2019 was our 10-year anniversary and we had 'Toy Story' in the morning for the Children's Cinema, then at the evening's Café Cinema, ‘Journey’s End’.

Finally we have an enthusiastic committee who have been together for most of this period, but we will be delighted to welcome any additional volunteers either to the committee or to join the teams who run the shows.

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